MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT: Characterization, Compatibility and Environmental Adaptability

By Micron 97

MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT: Characterization, Compatibility and Environmental Adaptability

The MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT is a NOR Flash Memory (Flash) product. This product is manufactured by Micron Technology Inc and has a memory capacity of 1Gbit. It is a 16-bit parallel interface chip suitable for a variety of applications, especially embedded systems, including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and car navigation systems.

The MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT features fast read speeds and low power consumption, which makes it ideal for use in many systems. In addition, it has a uniform block size configuration and is able to operate at 133MHz with a read latency of 96ns. it has a supply voltage of 1.8V and supports both parallel and serial interfaces.

Ⅰ.MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT Specification Parameters

•Number of bits:16
•Number of pins:64
•Power supply current:46 mA
•Access time:96 ns
•Clock frequency:133 MHz
•Supply Voltage:1.7V ~ 2V
•Supply Voltage(Max):2V
•Supply Voltage(Min):1.7 V
•Operating Temperature(Max):85°C
•Operating temperature (Min):-30°C
•Memory type:non-volatile
•Clock frequency:133 MHz
•Memory organization:64M x 16
•Power Supply Voltage(DC):1.70V (min)
•Mounting method:Surface Mount
•REACH SVHC standard:No SVHC


Ⅱ.Optimized MT28GU01GAGA Optimizing Power Consumption of MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT

1.Optimize data access mode: Frequent data read/write operations increase power consumption. By optimizing the data access mode, such as reducing unnecessary read/write operations, using cache mechanism, etc., the power consumption can be reduced.

2.Reduce operating frequency: Reducing the operating frequency of the chip can significantly reduce power consumption. However, this may affect the performance of the chip. Therefore, a trade-off needs to be made between performance and power consumption.

3.Adopt energy-saving technologies: Some modern chips support energy-saving technologies such as Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS), Low Power Mode, etc. Enabling these features can reduce power consumption without sacrificing performance. Enabling these features can reduce power consumption without sacrificing performance.

4.Use the appropriate supply voltage: Ensuring that the MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT is supplied with the appropriate supply voltage is key to reducing power consumption. A supply voltage that is too high may lead to an unnecessary increase in power consumption, while a supply voltage that is too low may affect the stability and performance of the chip.

5.Hardware optimization: In the system design phase, the overall system power consumption can be reduced by choosing the right hardware configuration, optimizing the board layout and wiring, and other methods.

6.Software optimization: By optimizing the operating system, drivers and applications, the frequency of access to the MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT and the amount of data transmission can be reduced, thus reducing power consumption.

7.Improved Thermal Design: An effective thermal design can help reduce the operating temperature of the chip, thereby reducing power consumption. This can be achieved by using a suitable heat sink, increasing the heat dissipation area, and so on.


Ⅲ.Characteristics of MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT

–16-bit wide data bus
–Blank check feature
–256KB erase blocks
–Symmetrically-blocked array architecture
–Multilevel cell technology
–READ-While-PROGRAM and READ-WhileERASE commands
–Status register for partition/device status
–1Gb device: Eight 128Mb partitions
–512Mb device: Eight 64Mb partitions

–Common Flash interface (CFI) capable
–Micron® Flash data integrator (FDI) optimized
–Basic command set (BCS) and extended command set (ECS) compatible

–Automatic power savings mode
–Core voltage: 1.7– 2.0V
–I/O voltage: 1.7–2.0V
–16-word synchronous-burst read current: 23mA(TYP) @ 108 MHz; 24mA (TYP) @ 133 MHz
–Standby current: 60μA (TYP) for 512Mb, 65nm

–Individual block lock-down
–Individual zero latency block locking
–Absolute write protection: VPP = GND
–One-time programmable (OTP) space 64 unique factory device identifier bits 2112 user-programmable OTP bits

•High-performance read, program, and erase
–20μs (TYP) program/erase suspend
–Block erase: 0.9s per block (TYP)
–Customer-configurable output driver impedance
–Programmable WAIT configuration
–Buffered Programming: 2.0 μs/Word (TYP),512Mb, 65nm
–8-, 16-, and continuous-word synchronous-burst reads
–96ns initial read access
–133 MHz with zero wait-state synchronous burst reads: 5.5ns clock-to-data output
–108 MHz with zero wait-state synchronous burst reads: 7ns clock-to-data output

•Density and packaging
–64-Ball Easy BGA
–256Mb, 512Mb, and 1Gb
–Address-data multiplexed and non-multiplexedinterfaces

•Temperature Range
–Expanded temperature: –40°C to +85°C


Ⅲ.Application areas of MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT

1.Digital Camera: Digital cameras usually need fast and reliable memory to store the captured photos and videos.MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT's 1Gbit memory capacity provides enough space to store a large number of photos and videos, while its high-speed read capability ensures that the data can be written to the memory quickly during the shooting process, avoiding any delay or lag. When shooting outdoors or in harsh environments, digital cameras may suffer from vibrations, temperature changes, and other unfavorable factors. If the memory is unstable or prone to damage, then it may lead to the loss of photo or video data. The high reliability of the MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT ensures that the memory can still work stably under these harsh conditions, protecting the user's data.

2.Smartphones and tablets: MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT is used for storing operating systems, applications, media files, etc.

3.Network devices: MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT can also be used in network devices, including routers, switches, wireless access points, etc., for storing firmware and configuration files.

•Firmware storage: Firmware is the core component of a network device, which contains the basic operating system and function codes required for the device to run.MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT's high-speed read and write capability ensures that the firmware can be loaded quickly when the device is booting up and running, which ensures the stability and performance of the network device.

•Logging: Network devices generate a large number of log messages during operation, which record the device's operating status, network traffic, fault information, etc. The MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT's storage space can be used for storing these log messages, helping network administrators to understand the device's operating status, and to identify and solve problems in a timely manner. .

•Configuration file storage: The configuration file contains important information such as network settings, security settings, user management, etc. of the network device. These settings are critical to the normal operation of the device and the network connection.MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT provides a safe and reliable storage space to ensure that the configuration files will not be lost or tampered with, thus ensuring the correct configuration of the network device and the stability of the network connection.

•Update and Maintenance: When the network device needs to update the firmware or configuration file, MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT can quickly complete the data read and write operations, thus shortening the time for device update and maintenance.

4.Digital Cameras and Camcorders: MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT is used to store photos, videos and other media content.

•High-speed continuous shooting and 4K video capture: The MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT's high-speed read/write performance enables digital cameras and camcorders to quickly capture and save photos and videos. For high-performance needs such as high-speed continuous shooting or 4K video shooting, this memory ensures continuous and smooth data transfer to avoid lagging or losing important moments.

•Compatibility and versatility: The MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT conforms to industry-standard interfaces and specifications, making it widely compatible and versatile. This means it can be used in a wide range of makes and models of digital cameras and camcorders, providing more choice and flexibility for photographers and video producers.

5.Car navigation system: In car navigation systems, MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT can be used to store map data, navigation path information and user settings. Its high reliability and low power consumption make it ideal for operation in harsh environments such as automobiles.

•Map data and navigation path information storage:The large storage capacity provided by the MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT allows the car navigation system to store detailed map data, including information on roads, buildings, traffic signs, etc. The MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT can be used to store map data and navigation path information. In addition, it can store navigation path information, which is the optimal driving path calculated by the system after the user enters a destination. The ability to quickly read and write this information ensures the real-time and accuracy of the navigation system.

•High reliability and low power consumption characteristics:The high reliability of the MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT enables it to perform well when operating in harsh environments such as automobiles. The high temperature and vibration environments inside a car pose a serious challenge to electronic devices, and the MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT is able to work stably to ensure the integrity and reliability of navigation data.
User Settings and Personalized Preferences:In addition to map and navigation route information, the MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT can be used to store user settings and personalized preferences, such as voice prompt preferences, screen brightness settings, route planning preferences, etc. The MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT can be used to store user settings and personalized preferences, such as voice prompt preferences, screen brightness settings, and route planning preferences. The storage of these settings allows users to personalize their experience every time they use the navigation system.

6.Industrial Control System: MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT is used to store control programs, data records and configuration files.

•Control Program Storage:At the heart of an industrial control system is the control program, which instructs the system on how to perform various tasks.MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT provides a fast and stable storage solution to ensure that the control program can be loaded and executed quickly. This helps reduce system startup time and improves overall operational efficiency.

•Data Logging:Data logging is critical in industrial environments, and the MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT's high-capacity storage allows the system to capture and save a large amount of real-time data, including equipment status, production processes, energy consumption, etc. The MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT's high-capacity storage allows the system to capture and save a large amount of real-time data. This data is important for subsequent analysis, optimization, and troubleshooting.

•Configuration File Management:Industrial control systems often need to be adapted and optimized for different production requirements.The MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT can be used to store and manage a variety of configuration files that contain the system's setup parameters, user preferences, and other important information. By quickly reading and writing these configuration files, the system can be quickly adapted to different production environments and requirements.

7.Smart Home Products:MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT can be used in smart home, such as smart speakers, smart cameras, smart home appliances, etc. for storing software and data.

•Smart Speaker:Smart speaker is one of the core components of smart home, which is able to receive user's voice commands and perform corresponding operations.MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT stores data such as voice recognition software, control logic, and user preferences in the smart speaker. This data helps the smart speaker accurately understand user commands and provide personalized services.

•Smart Camera:Smart cameras are used for functions such as video surveillance, face recognition, and motion detection.MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT stores information such as image processing software, video data, and user settings in the smart camera. This information enables the smart camera to process and analyze video streams in real time to provide security monitoring and smart alert services.

•Smart Home Appliances:Smart home appliances such as smart refrigerators, smart washing machines, and smart air conditioners are able to store information such as device control programs, operating data, user settings, and fault logs by integrating MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT memory. This information enables smart home appliances to realize functions such as remote control, automated operation and intelligent maintenance, improving users' quality of life and convenience.

8.Medical Devices: MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT is used to store medical images, patient data and medical applications.
Medical Image Storage:Medical devices such as ultrasound, MRI, and CT produce image data that is often very large and complex.MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT provides high-capacity and high-performance storage that ensures the integrity of and fast access to medical image data.

•Patient Data Management:Medical devices also need to securely and reliably store patient data such as personal information, medical records, test results, etc. The MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT's high reliability and security make it ideal for managing patient data. Through encryption, access control and data backup, MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT is able to protect patient data from unauthorized access and leakage, ensuring patient privacy and data security.

•Medical application operation:Many functions and applications in medical devices require efficient storage devices to support them.MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT's fast read/write performance and stability can ensure the smooth operation of medical applications and improve the overall performance and reliability of medical devices.

9.Automotive electronic systems: MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT can be used in automotive electronic systems, including in-vehicle entertainment systems, navigation systems, in-vehicle control units, etc., for storing software and data.

10.Smartphones and tablets: MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT's high performance, low power consumption and fast read speed make it an ideal memory choice in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It can be used to store operating systems, applications, user data, and configuration information.


Ⅳ.MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT compatibility

1.In terms of software, MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT chips are usually compatible with a variety of operating systems, including embedded operating systems (such as Linux embedded, FreeRTOS, etc.), real-time operating systems, and specialized embedded systems.

2.On the hardware side, the MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT chip is typically compatible with various types of motherboards, controllers, and interfaces, including, but not limited to, general-purpose system-on-a-chip (SoC), microcontrollers, storage controllers, and so on.
Precautions to ensure optimal compatibility:

•Confirm that the MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT chip is compatible with the selected hardware platform, including interface type (e.g., SPI, NAND, eMMC, etc.) and electrical characteristics.

•Confirm that the specifications and features of the MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT chip meet the application requirements, including storage capacity, read/write speed, and endurance.

•Confirm that the driver and controller software of the MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT chip is compatible with the selected operating system and supports the required features and performance.

V.Signal Descriptions of MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT


Ⅵ.tatus Register Bit Definitions of MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT(Default Value = 0080h)


VII.Environmental Adaptability of MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT

1.Vibration and shock resistance: MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT may have the ability to resist vibration and shock, enabling it to work in environments with high vibration and shock in industrial equipment.

2.Operating Temperature Range: This chip is typically designed to support a wide range of operating temperatures, including extreme low and high temperature conditions. This design allows it to operate stably and reliably in industrial environments.

3.Dust and waterproof: Some models of the chip may be dust and waterproof, enabling it to operate in dusty, humid or dusty industrial environments.

4.Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): The chip may be designed to have good electromagnetic compatibility to resist interference and noise that may exist in industrial environments.

5.Long-term reliability: MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT may be subjected to rigorous testing and quality control to provide a high level of long-term reliability, making it suitable for use in industrial environments for extended periods of time.

Ⅷ.Write Timing of MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT


Frequently Asked Questions

1.How does MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT compare to other NAND flash memory chips in its class?
MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT offers competitive performance, reliability, and storage capacity compared to other NAND flash memory chips in its class, making it a popular choice for various electronic devices.

2.What interfaces does MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT support?
MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT typically supports interfaces such as Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) or Universal Flash Storage (UFS), depending on the specific configuration.

3.What is the lifespan of MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT?
The lifespan of MT28GU01GAAA1EGC-0SIT depends on usage patterns and environmental conditions, but NAND flash memory chips typically have a lifespan of thousands to tens of thousands of program/erase cycles.