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Renesas Electronics America
  • ISL29023 Digital Light Sensor

    Renesas' ISL29023 digital light sensor is suitable for mobile, computing, and consumer devices, as well as industrial and medical light sensing applications.

    By Renesas Electronics America 125

  • Smart Moisture Sensor

    Renesas' quick solutions feature a smart moisture sensor reference design using the RL78/G11 MCU to measure the conditions of soil and to transfer the data.

    By Renesas Electronics America 179

  • Water Quality Tester

    Renesas' quick solutions feature a water quality tester reference design utilizing the RL78/G11 MCU to detect hazardous substances in water.

    By Renesas Electronics America 629

  • RX100 Series 32-bit MCUs

    A 32-bit MCU with True Low Power, fast wake-up, many safety features, and 8 KB FLASH.

    By Renesas Electronics America 203

  • RX63N, RX631 Microcontrollers

    Renesas' RX63N and RX631 32-bit microcontrollers are capable of operating at up to 100 MHz. The built-in flash is capable of accessing with no wait, and at 100 MHz high-performance processing

    By Renesas Electronics America 161

  • Starter Kit+ for RZ/A1H Microprocessors

    The Renesas Starter Kit+ for RZ/A1H (YR0K77210S011BE-ND) has been developed to speed up device evaluation, code development, and reduce time to market.

    By Renesas Electronics America 172

  • Synergy Starter Kit SK-S7G2

    Renesas Synergy™ SK-S7G2 Starter Kit is a low-cost way to access the entire Synergy Platform enabling full development using the vast majority of all SSP functions.

    By Renesas Electronics America 179

  • Synergy Development Kit DK-S7G2

    Renesas Synergy™ DK-S7G2 kit provides a complete basis for hardware and software development using the Synergy Platform and is host to a Synergy S7 series MCU.

    By Renesas Electronics America 172

  • Synergy Product Example PE-HMI1

    Renasas Synergy™ Product Example PE-HMI1 offers a unique view into a “design instance” of a particular end product, in this case a connected Human Machine Interface.

    By Renesas Electronics America 140

  • Synergy Development Kit DK-S3A7

    Renesas Synergy™ DK-S3A7 development kit is host to a Synergy S3 series MCU from the S3A7 group, a super-efficient MCU because of its ARM®Cortex®-M4 CPU core with FPU.

    By Renesas Electronics America 149

  • IoT Sandbox

    Renesas' IoT Sandbox is a no-cost, no-installation developer area that provides cloud connectivity with their products, smartphones, and third-party web services.

    By Renesas Electronics America 226

  • RL78/L1A Promotion Board

    The Renesas RL78/L1A promotion board includes a dot matrix display, on-chip debugging emulator, and has rich analog features.

    By Renesas Electronics America 183

  • R-CAR Starter Kits

    Renesas has developed R-Car starter kits for supporting automotive software development.

    By Renesas Electronics America 168

  • Synergy™ Promotional Kit PK-S5D9

    The Renesas YSPKS5D9E10 Synergy™ Promotional Kit PK-S5D9 is an extremely low-cost way to access the entire Synergy Platform.

    By Renesas Electronics America 156

  • Peach Development Platform

    The Renesas PEACH reference boards feature the RZ family RZ/A1H group products. Fully pin-compatible with Arduino UNO, GR-PEACH is an ARM® mbed.

    By Renesas Electronics America 187

  • Renesas Synergy™  S1, S3, S5, and S7 Series MCUs

    Renesas Synergy™ MCU series, spanning a wide spectrum, are based on 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M CPU cores for use in products ranging from ultra-small mobile devices to large, calculation-inte

    By Renesas Electronics America 145

  • RPBRX65N Envision Kit

    Renesas' RPBRX65N envision kit addresses the need of microcontrollers supporting all different aspects of security like confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

    By Renesas Electronics America 165

  • TB-S5D5 Renesas Synergy™ MCU Target Board

    Renesas' YSTBS5D5E10 board is a development tool allowing users to evaluate the Synergy platform using a device from the S5D5 group of Synergy microcontrollers.

    By Renesas Electronics America 142

  • RX130 32-Bit Microcontrollers

    The 32-bit MCU RX130 microcontrollers (MCUs) from Renesas Corporation integrate a built-in max. 36-channel capacitive touch sensor.

    By Renesas Electronics America 162

  • Large Memory S3A1 Series MCUs

    Renesas' S3A1 MCUs offer unparalleled scalability, accelerate hardware and software development, and are available in many package/pin footprints.

    By Renesas Electronics America 156