Innovasic Semiconductor


Innovasic Semiconductor
  • FIDO® Communication Controller

    Innovasic's FIDO incorporates the universal I/O controller that is configurable to support various communication protocols across multiple platforms.

    By Innovasic Semiconductor 194

  • IA186EB/IA188EB Microcontrollers

    Form, fit, and function replacements from Innovasic for the original Intel® 80C186EB, 80C188EB, 80L186EB, and 80L188EB 16-bit high-integration embedded processors.

    By Innovasic Semiconductor 233

  • 3-Port fido2100 DLR Switch

    Innovasic Semiconductor's fido2100 adds fault tolerance and precision timing to Ethernet/IP networks by supporting ring topologies using the Device Level Ring (DLR) protocol and synchronizatio

    By Innovasic Semiconductor 121