• deTec4 Core Light Curtains

    SICK's deTec4 Core safety light curtain features an innovative system of brackets, no blind zones, and the increased height of its protective field.

    By SICK 107

  • S300 Mini Standard Safety Laser Scanners

    SICK's S300 mini standard is an ultra-compact design which is ideal for simple applications in which a freely definable protective field is required.

    By SICK 114

  • IME Inductive Sensors

    SICK's inductive sensors offer precise detection, less downtime, and a long service life.

    By SICK 113

  • SureSense (H18) Photoelectric Sensor

    SICK's SureSense family of photoelectric sensors provides reliable detection of virtually any object in any environment.

    By SICK 96

  • ELF3 Hybrid Photoelectric Sensors

    SICK's ELF-3 family of hybrid photoelectric sensors support basic functions for presence detection applications.

    By SICK 117

  • UM30 Ultrasonic Sensors

    SICK's UM30 ultrasonic sensors have sensing ranges up to 8 m, as well as various setup options, enabling these sensors to solve nearly any application.

    By SICK 106

  • DFS20/DFS21/DFS22/DFS25 Encoders

    The DFS2x family of products from SICK are high-resolution incremental encoders that provide industry standard 2 inch and 2.5 inch mechanical interfaces.

    By SICK 93