Componenti Essentra


Componenti Essentra
  • Snap Rivets

    Essentra’s snap rivets are available in black or white colors, are easy to install and remove, and offer many different lengths and hole diameters.

    By Essentra Components 81

  • Polypropylene Standard-Locking Cable Ties

    Essentra's polypropylene standard-locking cable ties have a built-in lock system and are ideal for electrical applications.

    By Essentra Components 92

  • Locks and Latches

    Essentra presents a wide range of locks and latches for indoor and outdoor cabinets, all with excellent security.

    By Essentra Components 122

  • Fir Tree or Barbed Rivets

    Essentra’s fir tree or barbed rivets have ribbed designs that ensure fast and easy installation while securely holding various materials.

    By Essentra Components 77

  • PCB Snap Lock Supports

    Essentra’s PCB snap lock supports are easily installed by hand in multiple hole and panel sizes.

    By Essentra Components 94

  • All Metal Swing Handle Latches

    Essentra's all metal swing handle latches feature a spring-loaded, slam action handle and a 9 mm ultra-low profile.

    By Essentra Components 135

  • Standard and Customized Hinges

    Essentra's range of standard and customized concealed, leaf style, lift-off, and side hinges are offered in nylon, steel, and zinc for every door application.

    By Essentra Components 72

  • Nylon PCB Standoffs and Spacers

    Essentra's plastic standoffs work in conjunction with screws and nuts to provide a secure support and spacer for mounting printed circuit boards.

    By Essentra Components 66

  • Quarter-Turn Spring-Loaded Locks

    Essentra’s line of quarter-turn, spring-loaded locks are specially designed with an internal spring that provides tactile resistance.

    By Essentra Components 92

  • Microplastic Keyhole Rivets

    Essentra’s microplastic keyhole rivets have a unique keyhole shaped interior which increases flexibility for easy assembly by hand.

    By Essentra Components 122

  • Microplastic Nylon Shoulder Washers

    Essentra’s microplastic nylon shoulder washers also known as insulation sleeves are impervious to moisture, dirt, and most chemicals.

    By Essentra Components 90

  • Hole Bushings and Plugs

    Essentra’s hole bushings and plugs are used to finish off holes and protect cables from chafing on sharp edges or cutouts.

    By Essentra Components 117

  • LED Nylon and PVC Spacer Series

    Essentra Components offers its LED nylon and PVC spacer series which feature spacer lengths from 0.08" to 1.0" and extended LED wire protection.

    By Essentra Components 87

  • CP-USB-A USB Connector Plugs

    Developed for industry standard USB connectors, the CP-USB-A protects against dust and debris.

    By Essentra Components 182

  • CP-RJ Connector Plugs

    Protect against dust and debris with CP-RJ connector plugs for RJ45 and RJ11 connectors, and prevent stress to the connector's internal components upon entry.

    By Essentra Components 123

  • KWIK KLIP PVC Cable Clamps

    The KWIK KLIP family of products from Essentra provide secure and simple fasteners for PVC Cables.

    By Essentra Components 130

  • N Series P-Style Cable Clamps

    Essentra’s cable clamps are designed to secure wires and cables in place. Also adjustable design allows you to bundle multiple diameters of wires & cables while securing in place.

    By Essentra Components 145

  • Cable Glands

    With variations in thread size, color, and mounting-thread lengths, the range supports an array of cable glands, from Essentra, to suit the user’s application needs.

    By Essentra Components 101

  • Durable High-Bond Adhesive Cable Clamps and Cable

    Essentra offers the DHB cable clamps in three sizes for bundle diameters from 0.312' to 0.750" and cable tie mounts in two sizes for widths from 0.10" to 0.19".

    By Essentra Components 75

  • Edge Clip Cable Tie Mounts

    Essentra's edge clip assembly provides an optimal solution for bundling cables, pipes, and tubes on plastic or metal panels where holes are not acceptable.

    By Essentra Components 163