Capitale Tecnologie Avanzate


Capitale Tecnologie Avanzate
  • Surfboards®  9000 Series

    Capital Advanced Technologies' 9000 series Surfboards provide an "off the shelf" means to build prototype and short-run surface-mount circuits.

    By Capital Advanced Technologies 160

  • Surfboards® 33000 Series

    Capital Advanced Technologies 33000 series of surface-mount to SIP adapters includes a range of models for lower pin count I.C. packages and many popular discrete semiconductors.

    By Capital Advanced Technologies 148

  • Series C Carbide Printed Circuit Drill Bits

    Capital Advanced Technologies' series c carbide printed circuit drill bits are recommended for use with drill presses or precision equipment.

    By Capital Advanced Technologies 107

  • 6000/9000 Series Surfboards and UNI-SIP™ Kits

    Capital Advanced's 6000 series, 9000 series, and UNI-SIP kits are designed for building prototypes, test circuits, adapting and test, and as base boards.

    By Capital Advanced Technologies 548