Controllo industriale


Controllo industriale
  • Application fields and types of diodes

    Diode is one of the earliest semiconductor devices, and its application is very wide.

    By ON Semiconductor 205

  • What is the function of a diode?

    A diode is a two-terminal electronic device with asymmetric conductance and is made from a group of semiconductor materials, usually materials such as silicon or selenium.

    By ON Semiconductor 177

  • The purpose of the cable.

    With the development of electricity and energy, various wires and cables are increasingly used in various fields of production and life.

    By TE Connectivity Ltd 389

  • Do you know cables?

    A cable is an electrical energy or signal transmission device, an electrical device that can be used to transmit power, signals or data, usually consisting of multiple wires or optical fibers.

    By CONCEPT 156

  • CP1 Programmable Logic Controller

    Designed for compact machines, Omron's CP1H is the advanced high-speed all-in-one compact PLC.

    By Omron Automation and Safety 188

  • IP67-Rated HarshIO Modules

    Molex supplies machine-mountable HarshIO modules to support all major industrial fieldbuses including PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen, Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET IO.

    By Molex Inc 119

  • Push-Button Pendant Products

    Molex’s Woodhead® push-button pendant products are ergonomically designed hand-held control boxes.

    By Molex Inc 132

  • KT4R Series Temperature Controllers

    Panasonic's KT4R series temperature controllers feature smooth initial settings and setting adjustments, along with large display.

    By Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales 162

  • Timer Series

    Crouzet offers timers in four mounting variations, including DIN-rail mounted, panel mounted, plug-in, and bare board for surface mounting.

    By Crouzet Controls 173

  • Tilted Diamond Signal Lamp Series

    RAFI's Tilted Diamond+ 50,000-hour maintenance-free signal lamps with 360 degree viewing using light refraction.

    By RAFI 105

  • Brad PROFINET IO-Link HarshIO Modules

    Molex's Brad PROFINET IO-Link HarshIO modules are designed for factory automation and bring versatility and cost-savings to complex system designs.

    By Molex Inc 111

  • Tofino™ Xenon Security Appliance

    The Tofino™ Xenon security appliance from Hirschmann is the latest addition to the Tofino family of security devices purpose built to meet the needs of industry.

    By Hirschmann 153

  • IsoBlock V Voltage Transducers

    The IsoBlock V module from Verivolt has been designed to provide high-quality isolated differential voltage measurements for applications requiring scaling of high voltages.

    By Verivolt 133

  • IsoBlock I-FG Current Sensor

    The IsoBlock Current-FG is a sensor designed by Verivolt for high-quality isolated current measurements for applications up to 50 Amperes.

    By Verivolt 140

  • SeriesOneDR Solid-State Relay Timer

    Crydom's solid-state relay expertise are now combined with advanced microprocessor based timing in the SeriesOne DR timer.

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 444

  • deTec4 Core Light Curtains

    SICK's deTec4 Core safety light curtain features an innovative system of brackets, no blind zones, and the increased height of its protective field.

    By SICK 108

  • NX1P2 Advanced Motion Controller

    Omron's NX1P2 machine automation controller with advanced control for compact machines.

    By Omron Automation and Safety 180

  • SafetyBridge Technology Available on Axioline F

    Phoenix Contact’s SafetyBridge technology (SBT) enables transmission of safety-related signals on standard automation networks.

    By Phoenix Contact 192

  • TMR48D Series Digital Timers

    Crouzet's TMR48D series Syr-line digital timers have a 13.2 mm large LED or LCD screen and the IP66 capability makes them water and dust proof.

    By Crouzet Controls 209

  • Entube SE Voltage Transducers

    The Entube SE series is a family of voltage transducers from Verivolt designed for high quality single ended measurements in a very compact form factor.

    By Verivolt 121