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Soberton Inc
  • ST-0503 Indicator/Buzzer

    Soberton's smallest buzzer has a low profile and a small sized transducer for applications that have tight spaces.

    By Soberton Inc 114

  • ST-0402 Series Transducer

    Soberton’s ST-0402 series transducer is the new buzz in the audio industry with its 4 x 4 x 2 mm size.

    By Soberton Inc 90

  • Audio Kits for Design Solutions

    Soberton offer engineers a design solution for various audio applications by creating kits.

    By Soberton Inc 107

  • Micro Speakers and Receivers

    Soberton is excited to expand their audio offering with their new micro speakers and receivers.

    By Soberton Inc 104

  • Dynamic Speakers

    Soberton expands their dynamic speaker offerings, which offer a solution of higher sound levels and audio than the standard piezo alarms.

    By Soberton Inc 281

  • IP67 Rated Microphones

    Soberton IP67 microphones are able with withstand water and dust making them suitable for many different challenging applications.

    By Soberton Inc 122

  • Complete Audio Solutions

    Soberton's complete audio solutions are integrated into applications including IoT, handheld devices and scanners, computers, tablets, and kiosks.

    By Soberton Inc 125

  • Water-Resistant Speakers

    Soberton's water-resistant speakers offer a compact size, wide frequency response, and optimal performance and durability, for use in challenging applications.

    By Soberton Inc 128

  • Audio Exciters

    Soberton’s audio exciters are offered in 8 ohms, and in sizes ranging from 18 mm to 44 mm and 2 watts to 5 watts rated power.

    By Soberton Inc 76

  • Noise-Canceling Microphones

    Soberton’s noise-canceling microphones filter out background noise and are ideal for handheld and IoT applications for picking up clean, crisp voice and sounds.

    By Soberton Inc 111

  • Ultra-Miniature Magnetic Buzzers

    Soberton's ultra-miniature magnetic buzzers come in a 6.6 mm round package with a height of 3.5 mm and provides low current consumption.

    By Soberton Inc 94

  • Washable WST Series Magnetic Buzzers

    Soberton's washable WST series magnetic buzzers have a removable label over the sound port to keep moisture out during the wash process.

    By Soberton Inc 84