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Precisione B&K
  • 9800 Series Programmable AC Power Sources

    B&K Precision's 9800 series is both a programmable AC source and measurement tool. These fully programmable linear AC sources deliver a maximum of 1500 VA through the universal line output

    By B&K Precision 164

  • 9130B Series Triple Output Programmable DC Power S

    B&K Precision's 9130B series triple output linear programmable DC power supplies feature isolated outputs that can be adjusted independently or combined in series or parallel to output hig

    By B&K Precision 86

  • 8600 Series Programmable DC Electronic Loads

    B&K Precision's 8600 series programmable DC electronic loads provide the performance of modular system DC electronic loads in a compact benchtop form factor.

    By B&K Precision 151

  • 891 Bench LCR Component Tester

    B&K Precision's 891 bench LCR meter is easy to operate and enhances productivity by providing remote control capabilities to perform daily operations.

    By B&K Precision 150

  • 894/895 Performance LCR Component Meters

    B&K Precision's 894 and 895 LCR component meters provide flexible AC and DC test signal configuration for R&D, manufacturing, and quality control applications.

    By B&K Precision 153

  • 2800 Series DC Resistance Meters

    B&K Precision's 2800 series of DC resistance meters are ideally suited for measuring contact resistance typically outside the range resistance of multimeters.

    By B&K Precision 141

  • 9170 and 9180 Series Programmable DC Power Supplie

    The 9170 and 9180 power supply series unique features include LED test modes, modular interface card slots, and automatic range selection.

    By B&K Precision 139

  • XLN Series

    The 1.44 kW programmable DC power supplies come in a compact 1 U package and feature fast average command processing times of less than 50 ms.

    By B&K Precision 172

  • Model 9115

    Model 9115 multi-range programmable DC power supply automatically recalculates voltage/current limits for each setting.

    By B&K Precision 175

  • Model 1673 Power Supply

    The model 1673 quad display, triple output DC regulated power supply features 399 W of power and an overload indication LED for fixed output.

    By B&K Precision 196