• StackiCap™ Series Surface-Mount MLCs

    Syfer StackiCap™ surface-mount MLCs are designed to provide high CV in compact packages and offer the greatest volumetric efficiency.

    By Syfer 208

  • E01 and E07 SMT EMI Filters

    The Syfer range of feedthrough MLCC chip ‘C’ filters are 3 terminal chip devices designed to offer reduced inductance.

    By Syfer 201

  • FlexiCap™ Flexible Termination

    Syfer's FlexiCap™ is applied to the device under the standard nickel barrier finish to accommodate a greater degree of board bending than conventional capacitors.

    By Syfer 215

  • Safety Capacitors

    Syfer’s safety certified capacitors comply with international UL and TÜV specifications to offer designers the option of using a surface mount ceramic multilayer capacitor.

    By Syfer 249

  • AEC-Q200 Auto Grade Components

    Syfer introduces their AEC-Q200 auto grade components for use in harsh automotive environment and are ideal for battery management systems, DC/DC conversion, on board AC/DC charging, PTC heater co

    By Syfer 146

  • Non-Magnetic MLCCS

    Multilayer ceramic capacitors with silver / palladium terminations, from Knowles Syfer, have often been used in medical applications.

    By Syfer 220

  • X8R Temperature Coefficient MLCCs

    Knowles Syfer's X8R dielectric temperature coefficient MLCCs have been developed to meet the demand from various applications in the automotive and industrial markets and in other electronic e

    By Syfer 200