• EVO® 9 Series Cable Tie Tool

    HellermannTyton's EVO® tools have redefined the cable tie application tool by combining durability, precision and control with unparalleled comfort. Manufactured with high-performance mat

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  • Cable Tie and Edge Clip Assemblies

    Cable ties and edge clips designed specifically to route bundles by securing them to the edge of a plastic or metal sheet.

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  • Releasable Cable Ties

    Releasable cable ties and tensioning tools available to ensure consistent and safe installation.

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  • Helawrap Cable Management System

    Helawrap from HellermannTyton is protective tubing for bundling and shielding cables, wires, and hoses in industrial and data networking environments.

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  • 304 and 316 Grade Stainless Steel Cable Ties

    HellermannTyton’s stainless steel ties can be used in virtually any indoor, outdoor, and underground application.

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  • Polyamide 6.6 Heat Stabilized Nylon P Clamps

    HellermannTyton’s P clamps are designed for locating wires, cables, and components in instruments, appliances, and electrical apparatus.

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  • Ratchet P-Clamp

    Ratchet P-Clamp from HellermannTyton is an innovative wire bundling solution that more than meets all those requirements.

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  • Pro-Duct® Slotted Wiring Duct

    HellermannTyton's Pro-Duct slotted wiring ducts are manufactured from high-impact, rigid PVC. The Pro-Duct family includes solid, slotted, and high-density slotted styles.

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  • HelaCon Plus Mini Push-in Wire Connectors

    HellermannTyton's HelaCon wire connectors' double-spring design, allows for low insertion force and a firm connection with a stronger retention value.

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  • Wide Strap and 4-Way Very High Bond (VHB) Cable Ti

    HellermannTyton's line of acrylic foam adhesive cable tie mounts are ideal for extreme-duty applications.

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  • Wedge Clips

    HellermannTyton's wedge clips route cables along a frame or rail in vertical or horizontal extreme-duty applications and feature a VHB™ adhesive pad from 3M™.

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  • Stud Mount Cable Ties

    HellermannTyton’s stud mount cable ties have a four-pawl, three-tooth head design that provides easy installs and outstanding stud retention.

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