Cavo generale/Marchio Carol


Cavo generale/Marchio Carol
  • Carol® Ultra Flex® Type SJE00W/SE00W

    Carol® Brand Ultra Flex® has excellent molding capabilities as well as excellent characteristics in extreme heat and cold.

    By General Cable/Carol Brand 191

  • EXZEL™ Cable

    Carol Brand EXZEL, manufactured with quality and dependability, enables critical signals in industries that demand as much.

    By General Cable/Carol Brand 184

  • RG-6 Coaxial Cable

    To meet the needs of today’s sophisticated, high-speed, wide bandwidth electronics over long distances, with minimum signal loss or degradation, General Cable Carol® Brand offers a wide range

    By General Cable/Carol Brand 153

  • 600 V MTW Hook-Up Wire

    General Cable’s Carol Brand products offer both electrical and electronic designers a vast array of quality PVC hookup wire to meet the specific technical demands of today.

    By General Cable/Carol Brand 113

  • SJT and SPT-3 Power Supply Replacement Cords

    General Cable introduces their SJT and SPT-3 power supply replacement cords with a variety of plug configurations for use in many applications.

    By General Cable/Carol Brand 85

  • GenSPEED® 5000 Category 5e Cables

    General Cable's GenSPEED® 5000 Category 5e cables are available in a wide variety of performance levels and constructions for nearly every application, while meeting numerous standard com

    By General Cable/Carol Brand 160

  • GenSPEED® 6 Category 6 Cables

    General Cable's GenSPEED® 6 is a standard-compliant Category 6 cable that features a unique tape design engineered for consistent electrical performance.

    By General Cable/Carol Brand 77

  • Alarm, Security, and Sound Multi-Conductor Cables

    General Cable's alarm, security, and sound multi-conductor cables are designed for power-limited control circuits as well as wiring of the following systems: intercom, security, and audio appl

    By General Cable/Carol Brand 75