• All Metal Swing Handle Latches

    Essentra's all metal swing handle latches feature a spring-loaded, slam action handle and a 9 mm ultra-low profile.

    By Essentra Components 153

  • Quarter-Turn Spring-Loaded Locks

    Essentra’s line of quarter-turn, spring-loaded locks are specially designed with an internal spring that provides tactile resistance.

    By Essentra Components 112

  • SHA-256 Authentication for Hardware Protection

    Maxim's SHA-256 DeepCover® authentication hardware protection provides a cost-effective solution to protect revenue streams and IPs.

    By Maxim Integrated 621

  • ATECC508A Crypto Products

    Microchip's CryptoAuthentication™ ensures things and code are authentic, untampered, and confidential.

    By Microchip Technology 152

  • DS28C36Q+U DeepCover Secure Authenticator

    Maxim's DS28C36Q+U is a secure authenticator that provides a core set of cryptographic tools derived from integrated, asymmetric and symmetric security functions.

    By Maxim Integrated 361

  • DS2476 DeepCover Secure Coprocessor

    Maxim's DS2476Q+U is a secure, ECDSA and HMAC, SHA-256 coprocessor companion to the DS28C36Q+U.

    By Maxim Integrated 146

  • ATSHA204A and ECC508A Security ICs

    Microchip brings together both cryptographic and non-cryptographic devices to build a total solution for access control to building.

    By Microchip Technology 133

  • MAXQ1061 DeepCover® Cryptographic Controller

    Maxim's MAXQ1061 DeepCover® cryptographic controller is an effective and easy to implement solution for strengthening security in embedded systems.

    By Maxim Integrated 558

  • Zero Touch Provisioning AWS IoT Kit

    Microchip's AT88CKECC-AWS-XSTK-B Zero Touch Provisioning Kit helps to quickly and securely develop IoT devices in compliance with AWS security regulations.

    By Microchip Technology 117

  • A1006 Secure Authentication ICs

    NXP's A1006 secure authentication ICs have small form factor and simple system integration.

    By NXP Semiconductors 238

  • DS28E83 DeepCover® Radiation Resistant Authen

    Maxim's DS28E83 DeepCover® is a 1-wire authenticator with cryptographic tools for embedded security solutions and protects against device-level security attacks.

    By Maxim Integrated 169

  • ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication™ Device

    Microchip's ATECC608A is a trusted and secure authentication solution integrating ECDH and ECDSA for Google IoT Core and AWS IoT.

    By Microchip Technology 142

  • Neo: Immediate IoT Cellular Connectivity and Conne

    Aeris' Neo offers an online marketplace for the sale of SIMs and connectivity for M2M / IoT devices.

    By Aeris 101

  • CKM Series

    A highly secure 5 tumbler locking mechanism, the CKM series is great for computers, military, medical devices, and more.

    By NKK Switches 281