• ProxSense® Single-Channel Sensors

    Azoteq's ProxSense single-channel sensors offer either GPIO (emulating a tactile switch) or I²C interface options for more flexibility.

    By Azoteq 152

  • ProxFusion™ Integrated Multi-Sensor Technology

    Azoteq's ProxFusion™ IC is a family of multifunctional sensors aimed at rotation sensing or mobile applications.

    By Azoteq 145

  • ProxSense® Touchpad Sensors

    Azoteq's ProxSense® touchpad sensors are projected capacitive touch and proximity trackpad/touchscreen controllers implementation on the IQS5XX platform.

    By Azoteq 147

  • ProxSense® Multi-Channel Sensors

    Azoteq's ProxSense® multi-channel sensors offer its ATI technology for larger degrees of freedom in the industrial design and PCB layout.

    By Azoteq 140

  • IQS620 ProxFusion™ Capacitive, Hall Effect, and In

    Azoteq's IQS620(A) ProxFusion IC is a multifunctional capacitance, hall effect, and inductance sensor designed for applications where any or all of the technologies may be required.

    By Azoteq 112