WP3 Series Board-to-Board Connectors

By JAE Electronics 279

WP3 Series Board-to-Board Connectors

The WP3 series from JAE Electronics is an industry leading low-profile, board-to-board (FPC) connector with 0.4 mm pitch spacing that is ideal for high-density handheld/portable applications where superior mating retention is needed for connecting daughter boards and subassemblies (LCDs, switches, touch panels, and more).

  • Ni barrier on contact of both plug and receptacle prevents solder wicking
  • Secure hold-downs prevent insulator breakage and peeling from FPC (receptacle side)
  • Contact structure ensures high wear-resistance and high contact-reliability
  • Independent, 2-point contact design resists twisting stress
  • 16 to 80 pos, 0.4 mm pitch, 2 rows, 1.0 mm stacking height
  • Lead-free