Wire-wound SMD Inductors

By Sumida Corporation 335

Wire-wound SMD Inductors

RF circuit design is often described as more art than science, because it is more unpredictable than digital circuit design. Sumida can help to speed that process with proven ceramic and ferrite high-quality chip inductors. These efficient components offer extraordinary Q-factors combined with high SRF. Multi-case sizes and multi levels of inductance allow you to specify exactly what is optimal for your circuit — no compromises are necessary. Likewise, choose the temperature ratings you need for even the harshest environmental conditions.

Sumida Components has extended the program of existing wire-wound chip inductors in size 0603. On ceramic bodies, there are a wide range of inductances available from 1.5 nH to 470 nH. All inductance values are wound on Sumida Components ceramic bodies which perform extraordinarily high resonance frequencies and quality factors. Additionally, Sumida Components now offers the SMD inductors size 0603 wired on a ferrite body.


  • RF technique
  • Antenna amplifiers
  • Tuners, base stations
  • SAT receivers