R1SE Series DC/DC Converters

By RECOM Power 230

R1SE Series DC/DC Converters

The R1SE Series from RECOM, with 1 watt of power, 1000 VDC isolation, and 5 V input/output, is the first release in the new economical “E-class”. These converters are mainly used to provide isolation for the interfaces of bus systems. In these applications, operating temperatures of +85°C without de-rating are sufficient. This makes the use of high-grade temperature components with specifications up to +100°C, as used in the standard products, unnecessary. This helped to drive down both the material costs and the costly and time consuming certifications which are no longer necessary.

The case, measuring only 12.75 x 10.7 x 6.7 mm and consisting of two parts, has been designed so that potting is not necessary - further reducing the material cost. Weighing only 1 gram, this lightweight component can be positioned quickly and precisely with automatic placement equipment. Despite not being potted, the 100% lead-free design enables it to withstand all thermal cycling in the vapor phase solder processes.


  • 1:1 input range
  • SMD package
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Efficiency up to 75%
  • 1 kVDC isolation

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