THS452x Differential Amplifiers

By Texas Instruments 197

THS452x Differential Amplifiers

Texas Instruments' THS4520 is a wideband, fully differential operational amplifier designed for 5 V data acquisition systems. It has very low noise at 2 nV/ load. The slew rate is 570 V/µs, and with a settling time of 7 ns to 0.1% (2 V step), it is ideal for data acquisition applications. It is designed for unity gain stability.

The THS4521, THS4522, and THS4524 family of devices are very low-power, fully differential op amps with rail-to-rail output and an input common-mode range that includes the negative rail. These amplifiers are designed for low-power data acquisition systems and high-density applications where power dissipation is a critical parameter, and provide exceptional performance in audio applications.

  • Fully differential architecture
  • Bandwidth
    • THS4520: 620 MHz
    • THS4521/2/4: 145 MHz
  • Slew rate
    • THS4520: 570 V/µs
    • THS4521/2/4: 490 V/µs
  • Input voltage noise
    • THS4520: 2 nV/√Hz (f >10 kHz)
    • THS4521/2/4: 4.6 nV/√Hz (f = 100 kHz)
  • Gain
    • THS4520: minimum gain of 1 V/V (0 dB)
    • THS4521/2/4: open-loop gain: 119 dB
  • THS4520
    • 5 V and 3.3 V data acquisition systems
    • High linearity ADC amplifier
    • Wireless communication
    • Test and measurement
    • Voice processing systems
  • THS4521/2/4
    • Low-power SAR and ΔΣ ADC drivers
    • Low-power differential drivers
    • Low-power differential signal conditioning
    • Low-power, high-performance differential audio amplifiers