Power and Cooling

By Qualtek 301

Power and Cooling

Qualtek offers a range of high-tech, low-cost AC and DC axial fans for your thermal management requirements. Fans are available in a large variety of bearing types: 2-ball, 1-ball, 1-sleeve, sleeve, and hydro-dynamic, with voltages for AC fans from 115 to 230 VAC, and DC fans from 3.3 to 60 VDC. Fans range in size, from 60 mm to 280 mm for AC and 25 mm to 254 mm for DC, equipped with a large array of functions and special features. Every fan is available with multiple speeds and dual input voltages for AC fans. All fans meet RoHS requirements and are safety agency certified for the worldwide market.

Qualtek's range of AC/DC switch mode power supplies, waterproof LED power supplies, and DC/DC converters are available in enclosed frame, open frame, L- bracket, U-bracket, external desktop, wall-mounted, onboard module, DIN- rail, and medical types. All Qualtek power supplies are offered in compact designs to comply with safety agency regulations, and are RoHS compliant with power factor correction and multiple output voltages.