DRV8412-C2-KIT Evaluation Kit

By Texas Instruments 206

DRV8412-C2-KIT Evaluation Kit

Texas Instruments' DRV8412 evaluation kit (DRV8412-C2-KIT) includes everything needed to spin two brushed DCs or a single stepper motor out of the box: the DRV8412 motor driver, a C2000 Piccolo F28035 MCU controlCARD, getting started GUI, software, code development environment, and motors. This highly integrated, robust motor control and driver solution speeds development time for brushed and stepper motors running up to 6 A continuous / 12 A peak at 50 V. Typical applications include medical pumps, gate openers, stage lighting, textile manufacturing tools, and industrial or consumer robotics.

  • DRV8412 power module base board with controlCARD interface (2x H-Bridge)
  • C2000 Piccolo F28035 controlCARD (pre-flashed with code to spin all motors using GUI)
  • GUI
  • Isolated XDS100 emulation and serial connectivity
  • Two brushed motors (38 mm)
  • One stepper motor (23Y square) 24 V power supply and USB cable
  • Wiring for motors
  • USB stick with quick start GUI, documentation, and CCStudio v4.x integrated development environment. All software, hardware documents (schematics, gerbers, BOM) and updates are freely available through the C2000 development desktop tool: controlSUITE

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