600V Trench IGBTs

By Infineon Technologies 320

600V Trench IGBTs

International Rectifier's IRGPS4067D and IRGP4066D ultra-fast trench insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) are optimized for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), solar inverters, industrial motor, and welding applications. These IGBTs complement IR's family of IGBTs for motor drive and hard switching applications. International Rectifier's focus on power applications allows for optimization of devices to meet the technical requirements of various power systems.

  • 75 A and 120 A rating for highest available power in standard discrete packages
  • Low VCE(on) trench IGBT technology
  • Low switching losses
  • 5µs SCSOA
  • Square RBSOA
  • 100% of the parts tested for ILM
  • Positive VCE(on) temperature coefficient
  • Ultra-fast soft recovery co-pak diode
  • Tighter distribution of parameters
  • Lead-free, RoHS-compliant

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