IRF640: Usage, Temperature Characteristics and Alternative Models

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IRF640: Usage, Temperature Characteristics and Alternative Models

IRF640 is an N-channel MOSFET designed for high-speed switching purposes. This high-speed switching capability is useful in applications where switching speed is critical, such as in UPS circuits or in any other application where the user wants to change the load input power from one power supply to another.

The IRF640 field effect transistor is a commonly used general-purpose N-channel MOS field effect transistor. It has the characteristics of high conductivity, low leakage current and fast switching speed, and is widely used in various power amplifier circuits.

Ⅰ.Specifications of IRF640

•Number of pins:3
•Mounting type:Through hole
•FET type:N-channel
•Rise time:27 ns
•Fall time:25 ns
•Rated current:18.0 A
•Drain-source resistance:180 mΩ
•Rated voltage (DC):200 V
•Power dissipation:125W (Tc)
•Drain-source breakdown voltage:200V
•Peak reverse breakdown voltage:500V
•Gate-source capacitance:1500pF
•Drain-source static resistance:0.077Ω
•Gate-source breakdown voltage:±20.0 V
•Drain-source voltage (Vds):200 V
•Operating temperature (Max):150 ℃
•Operating temperature (Min):-65 ℃
•Rated power (Max):125 W
•Supplier device package:TO-220
•Continuous drain current (Ids):18.0 A
•Power dissipation (Max):125W (Tc)
•Technology:MOSFET (Metal Oxide)
•Input capacitance (Ciss):1560pF @25V(Vds)
•Current at 25°C-Continuous Drain (Id):18A (Tc)

Ⅱ.Features of IRF640

1.Large current handling capability: The rated current of this MOSFET can reach 18A, which means it can handle larger current loads and is suitable for applications requiring high current output, such as motor drives, power conversion, etc.

2.High reliability: IRF640 has undergone strict testing and quality control, has high reliability, and can operate stably for a long time, reducing failures and downtime.

3.Low on-resistance: IRF640 has low on-resistance, which helps reduce power loss in the on-state, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the circuit.

4.Fast switching characteristics: As a power MOSFET, IRF640 has a fast switching speed and can quickly respond to changes in control signals, thereby achieving fast and accurate power control.

5.Comply with environmental standards: Many IRF640 models comply with lead-free and RoHS environmental standards and are suitable for application scenarios with high environmental requirements.

6.High withstand voltage capability: The rated voltage of IRF640 is 200V, which allows it to withstand higher voltages without breakdown, making it suitable for applications requiring high voltage control.

7.Various packaging forms: IRF640 provides a variety of packaging forms, such as TO-220, TO-220F, D-PAK, etc., to meet the packaging size and shape requirements of different applications.

8.High temperature resistance: IRF640 can work stably in a relatively wide temperature range and is suitable for applications in high temperature environments.

9.Good thermal stability: IRF640 has good thermal stability and can work normally at higher temperatures without being easily damaged. This is especially important for applications that require long-term operation or work in high-heat environments.

10.Wide application: Due to its high power, low on-resistance and fast switching characteristics, IRF640 is often used in various power amplification and switching circuits, including power supplies, motor drives, LED lighting, power tools and other fields.


Ⅲ.How to use IRF640

1.Circuit connection:

•Gate (G) is the control pin used to control the MOSFET on and off. The drain (D) and source (S) are the two ends of the main current path.

•IRF640 has three pins, namely gate (G), drain (D) and source (S). In the circuit, you need to make sure these pins are connected correctly.

•In N-channel MOSFET, when the gate-source voltage (Vgs) reaches or exceeds the threshold voltage (Vgsth), the MOSFET will start conducting, allowing current to flow from drain to source.

2.Voltage and current limits:

•Make sure that the voltage and current applied to the IRF640 do not exceed its ratings. Exceeding ratings may cause MOSFET damage or performance degradation.

•When designing circuits, consider possible voltage and current surges and take appropriate protective measures, such as using fuses, current-limiting resistors or transient voltage suppressors (TVS).

3.Drive circuit:

•Common driver circuits include the use of microcontrollers, logic circuits, or dedicated drivers to provide the required gate voltage and current.

•Since the gate of a MOSFET is a high-impedance node, a proper drive circuit is required to provide sufficient gate current to quickly and completely turn the MOSFET on or off.

4.Protection circuit: Add appropriate protection circuits to the circuit, such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and overheating protection, to improve the reliability and safety of the system.

5.Heat dissipation:

•You can use a radiator, fan or other cooling device to improve heat dissipation.

•IRF640 will generate a certain amount of heat when it is turned on. In high-power applications, it is necessary to ensure that the MOSFET can adequately dissipate heat to prevent overheating damage.

6.Testing and verification:

•Through testing and verification, the correctness and reliability of MOSFETs in the circuit can be ensured.

•It is very important to conduct adequate testing and verification before applying IRF640 to actual circuits. This includes testing MOSFET turn-on and turn-off characteristics, power consumption, thermal performance, etc.

Ⅳ.Absolute maximum ratings of IRF640


Ⅴ.Source drain diode of IRF640


Ⅵ.Application fields of IRF640

1.Power supply: IRF640 is often used as a switching device in switching power supplies to convert and regulate power supply voltage, such as switch mode power supplies (SMPS) and DC-DC converters. A switching power supply is a power supply made with high-efficiency, energy-saving, and small-volume Power Electronics technology. It can receive and transform the DC voltage of the input power supply through a series of electronic components to achieve the required output power supply, which is stable and reliable. controlled voltage. The high withstand voltage capability, large current handling capability, low on-resistance and fast switching characteristics of IRF640 make it very suitable as a switching device in switching power supplies.

2.UPS system: IRF640 can be applied to the power switch in the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system to realize power backup and switching. In the UPS system, when the grid power is normal, the electric energy is converted into DC electric energy through the rectifier and stored in the battery. When there is a power failure or power fluctuation in the power grid, the UPS system will automatically switch to the inverter mode, converting DC power into AC power through the inverter to supply it to the load equipment to ensure the normal operation of the load equipment. In this process, IRF640 can be used as a power switch in the UPS system to control power switching. Its high withstand voltage, low on-resistance and fast switching characteristics enable the IRF640 to quickly and accurately respond to the control signals of the UPS system to achieve power backup and switching.

3.Industrial control: In the field of industrial automation, IRF640 can be used in various types of industrial control systems, such as temperature control, liquid level control, flow control, etc. For example, in a temperature control system, IRF640 can be used to control the switch of heating or cooling equipment, controlling the operation of the equipment by adjusting the flow of current, thereby achieving precise temperature control. In liquid level control and flow control systems, IRF640 can also achieve precise control of liquid level and flow by controlling the switches of related equipment.

4.Automotive electronics: IRF640 is also widely used in the field of automotive electronics, such as automotive lighting, electric windows, seat heating and cooling systems, etc. Its high reliability and temperature resistance enable it to operate stably for a long time in the automotive environment.

•In automotive electronic systems, IRF640's high withstand voltage, large current handling capabilities and fast switching characteristics enable it to effectively control the operation of various automotive electronic devices. For example, in automotive lighting systems, IRF640 can be used to control the switching and brightness adjustment of headlights, turn signals and other lighting equipment, providing a stable and reliable lighting solution.

•In the electric window system, IRF640 can control the lifting speed and stop position of the electric window to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers. In seat heating and cooling systems, IRF640 can precisely control the current of heating and cooling elements to achieve precise adjustment of seat temperature.

5.Power tools: Power tools such as drills, chainsaws, grinders, etc. usually require high-power power supplies and drive circuits. IRF640 can be used for power amplification and switch control in these applications. IRF640 has the characteristics of high withstand voltage capability (rated voltage 200V), large current handling capability (rated current 18A) and low on-resistance, which enables it to effectively perform power amplification and switching control. In power tools, IRF640 can be used to drive motors and control the start, stop, steering and speed of the motor. By adjusting the gate voltage, the turn-on and turn-off of the IRF640 can be precisely controlled, thereby achieving precise control of the motor current.

6.Industrial automation: In industrial automation systems, IRF640 can be used to control various actuators, sensors, relays and other equipment. It can withstand high voltage and current impacts in industrial environments, ensuring stable operation and reliability of the system. In addition, the high reliability of IRF640 also ensures that industrial automation systems can operate stably in complex and changing working environments.

7.Motor drive: IRF640 is suitable for various types of motor drive applications, such as DC motors, stepper motors and servo motors, etc. Its high voltage resistance and large current handling capabilities allow it to effectively control the operation of the motor and achieve precise speed and position control. In motor drives, precise speed and position control are crucial. IRF640 achieves precise regulation of motor current through its precise switching control function, thereby achieving precise control of motor speed and position. This makes the IRF640 excellent in industrial applications that require high-precision control, such as automated production lines, robot drives, and precision machining.

8.Lighting control: IRF640 is also commonly used in lighting control fields, such as LED driver, fluorescent lamp driver and lighting dimming. Its fast switching characteristics and low on-resistance enable precise brightness control and efficient energy utilization. In lighting systems, energy loss is an important issue that requires attention. By using IRF640 as a driving device, the energy loss of the system during operation can be reduced, thereby achieving more efficient energy utilization.

9.Power management: In power management systems, IRF640 can be used in equipment such as DC-DC converters, inverters, battery chargers, and UPS (uninterruptible power supplies). It can provide stable power output under high voltage and high current conditions, while reducing power loss and improving system efficiency.

•In DC-DC converters, the IRF640's high withstand voltage and high current handling capabilities enable it to effectively handle voltage conversion between input and output, ensuring the stability and efficiency of power conversion. At the same time, its low on-resistance helps reduce energy loss and improve conversion efficiency.

•In the inverter, the switching characteristics of IRF640 enable it to convert DC power into AC power to achieve efficient energy conversion. Its high withstand voltage capability ensures that it can withstand the impact of high voltage during the inverter process and ensures the stable operation of the system.

•In battery chargers, the precise control function of IRF640 allows it to perform precise charging management of the battery to prevent overcharge and over-discharge, thereby extending the service life of the battery. At the same time, its fast switching characteristics also help improve charging efficiency.

•In UPS (uninterruptible power supply), IRF640 can quickly switch to inverter mode when the power grid fails or fluctuates, providing stable power output for load equipment. Its high reliability and stability ensure that the UPS system can provide reliable power protection for equipment at critical moments.

10.Renewable energy: In the field of renewable energy, such as solar and wind power generation systems, IRF640 can be used in key parts such as power conversion and grid connection control. It can effectively handle high voltage and large current, improving energy conversion efficiency and system reliability.

•In the field of renewable energy, especially in solar and wind power generation systems, IRF640 plays a vital role. It is often used in key parts such as power conversion and grid connection control to ensure that the system can efficiently and stably convert renewable energy into usable power.

•In solar power generation systems, IRF640 can efficiently convert DC power into AC power required for home or industrial use. Its high withstand voltage and high current handling capabilities enable it to withstand the high voltage and high current generated by solar panels, thereby ensuring the efficiency and stability of the energy conversion process. In addition, the fast switching characteristics of IRF640 also help improve the response speed of power conversion and further improve energy conversion efficiency.

•In wind energy power generation systems, IRF640 also plays an important role. Wind energy power generation systems need to convert the alternating current generated by wind turbines into direct current for grid connection or storage. In this process, IRF640 can serve as a key component in the inverter, responsible for controlling the flow direction and magnitude of current to achieve effective conversion of power. Its high reliability and stability ensure that the wind energy power generation system can operate stably under various severe weather conditions and improve the reliability of the system.

Ⅶ.Temperature characteristics of IRF640

1.On-resistance: Changes in temperature will also affect the on-resistance of IRF640. In general, on-resistance may increase slightly as temperature increases. This may lead to increased power loss and reduced efficiency, so in high-temperature environments, heat dissipation and power loss issues need to be considered.

2.Drain current: As the temperature increases, the drain current of the IRF640 may increase. This is because at high temperatures, the carrier concentration inside the transistor increases, causing the drain current to increase. Therefore, the effect of temperature on the drain current needs to be considered when designing the circuit to ensure that it can still operate normally in a high-temperature environment.

3.Reliability: High temperature environment is also an important consideration for the reliability of IRF640. Long-term operation in a high-temperature environment may cause aging and damage to the device, so heat dissipation and temperature control measures need to be considered in the design to ensure the long-term stability and reliability of the device.

4.Switching speed: Temperature changes will also affect the switching speed of IRF640. Generally speaking, an increase in temperature causes an increase in the migration speed of carriers inside the transistor, thereby increasing the switching speed. However, a high-temperature environment may also affect other components in the circuit, such as the drive circuit, thereby affecting the overall switching speed performance.


Ⅷ.Application of IRF640 in power amplifier module

IRF640 is usually used as the power tube of the output stage in the power amplifier module, responsible for amplifying the input signal and driving the load (such as a speaker). Among power amplifiers, the IRF640 is capable of handling relatively high current demands and delivering adequate audio output.

1.Current requirements: The IRF640 has a high maximum drain current (Id), typically between 8A and 18A, which enables it to handle relatively high current requirements. In the power amplifier, the IRF640, as an output stage tube, needs to be able to provide sufficient current to drive the speaker load, so its current handling capability is crucial.

2.Audio output: The low on-resistance and high switching speed of IRF640 enable it to provide good audio output in power amplifier modules. With reasonable circuit design and correct power supply, the IRF640 can effectively amplify the input signal within the audio range and drive the speaker to produce audio output. The quality of the output audio signal depends on the overall design of the power amplifier, the quality of the power supply, and the accuracy and amplitude of the input signal.

Ⅸ.Replacement model of IRF640


Frequently Asked Questions

1.What type of transistor is IRF640?
IRF640 is a power MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor).

2.How does IRF640 achieve low on-resistance and high switching speed?
IRF640 achieves low on-resistance through its specific MOSFET structure and material properties. High switching speed is achieved through optimized design and material selection, along with appropriate gate drive voltage.

3.What packaging types are available for IRF640?
IRF640 is commonly available in TO-220 or TO-220AB packages.