Ribbon Cable

By Cicoil 193

Ribbon Cable

Cicoil's ribbon cable is designed to work directly with standard insulation displacement connectors (IDC). For this reason, it is often called IDC cable and it is used frequently where simple flat cable signal connections are needed. The wire spacing and dimensions are standardized, with the wire 'pitch' (wire spacing) set at .050" for the English version, or 1 mm for the metric version. Cicoil's ribbon cables are constructed using ultra-high-flex 28 AWG, tinned-copper wire, and our exclusive Flexx-Sil™ extrusion process for a strong, flexible, clear cable. These ribbon cables meet the standard ribbon cable dimensions, and they can be used with any IDC connectors.

Cicoil Ribbon Cables Feature:

  • Flexibility - Ultra flex, tinned copper wire conductors, and flexible Flexx-Sil™ make Cicoil's ribbon cable highly flexible, with a bend radius as small as ¼" in flexing applications
  • Long life - Rated for over 10 million cycles in flexing applications
  • Extreme environments - Flexx-Sil™ rubber cables operate from -65°C to 260°C, including exposure to water, steam, salt, and most chemicals. The cables are ideal for clean room use, and can also be used in vacuum environments.
  • Fire resistant - Cables meet the UL-94 vertical flame standard, as well as other fire standards