CW100505 High Q Chip Inductor

By Bourns Inc. 548

CW100505 High Q Chip Inductor

Bourns Model CW100505 series has the smallest 0402 size in the CW wirewound chip inductor products family. This chip inductor is wound on a ceramic core, providing extremely stable electrical characteristics over a wide range of temperature and frequency. The Bourns Model CW100505 chip inductor offers high Q and high self-resonant frequency in an ultra-small 1 x 0.55 x 0.5 mm size. These inductors are ideal for use in RF signal processing, resonant circuits and filters for cable modems, set-top boxes, cellular phones, wireless PDAs, and various mobile electronic devices. The CW100505 series offers an inductance range of 1 to 120 nH with Q in the mid-20s @ 250 MHz, and an SRF as high as 6,000 MHz.

  • 0402 miniature size
  • Ceramic core providing stable electrical characteristics
  • High Q
  • High self-resonant frequency
  • Flat top surface for automated assembly
  • RF modules
  • Cellular phones
  • GPS receivers
  • Wireless PDAs, LANs
  • CATV filters, tuners
  • Cable modems, set-top boxes