Type HS Series Aluminum Housed Power Resistors

By TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 200

Type HS Series Aluminum Housed Power Resistors

TE Connectivity is the leading European supplier of standard and custom designed aluminum housed resistors for general-purpose use, power supplies, power generation, and the traction industry. The HS is a range of extremely stable, high quality wire-wound resistors capable of dissipating high power in a limited space with relatively low surface temperature. The power is rapidly dissipated as heat through the aluminum housing to a specified heat sink. The resistors are made from quality materials for optimum reliability and stability. TE can test resistors to conform to relevant international, MIL, or customer specifications and is happy to advise on the use of resistors for pulse applications and to supply information for high voltage use and low-ohmic value, alternative mountings and termination type.

  • Established product with proven reliability
  • 5 to 300 W (500 W and 1000 W versions available)
  • Versatile product
  • Custom designs
  • Low resistance, low inductance and higher voltage versions available
  • Braking resistor
  • Balancing resistor
  • Capacitor charging and discharging
  • Crowbar
  • Filter
  • Electrical machinery general use
  • Available through distribution