LTC4000 Controller

By Analog Devices Inc 211

LTC4000 Controller

Linear Technology's LTC4000 is a high voltage, high performance controller that converts many externally compensated DC/DC power supplies into full-featured battery chargers.

Features of the LTC4000's battery charger include: accurate (±0.25%) programmable float voltage, selectable timer or current termination, temperature qualified charging using an NTC thermistor, automatic recharge, C/10 trickle charge for deeply discharged cells, bad battery detection and status indicator outputs. The battery charger also includes precision current sensing that allows lower sense voltages for high current applications.

  • Complete high performance battery charger when paired with a DC/DC converter
  • Programmable input and charge current: ±1% accuracy
  • Programmable C/X or timer based charge termination
  • Instant-on operation with heavily discharged battery
  • Wide input and output voltage range: 3 V to 60 V
  • 28-Lead 4 mm x 5 mm QFN or SSOP packages
  • Output ideal diode for low loss PowerPath™ and load sharing with the battery
  • Input ideal diode for low loss reverse blocking and load sharing
  • ±0.25% accurate programmable float voltage
  • NTC input for temperature qualified charging
  • High power battery charger systems
  • High performance portable instruments
  • Industrial battery equipped devices
  • Notebook / subnotebook computers

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