LTC®3866 Current Mode Synchronous Controller

By Analog Devices Inc 202

LTC®3866 Current Mode Synchronous Controller

Linear Technology's LTC3866 is a single phase current mode synchronous step-down switching regulator controller that drives all N-channel power MOSFET switches. It employs a unique architecture which enhances the signal-to-noise ratio of the current sense signal, allowing the use of a very low DC resistance power inductor to maximize the efficiency in high current applications. This feature also reduces the switching jitter commonly found in low DCR applications. The LTC3866 also includes a high speed remote sense differential amplifier, a programmable current sense limit that can be selected to 10 mV, 15 mV, 20 mV, 25 mV or 30 mV, and DCR temperature compensation to limit the maximum output current precisely over temperature.

  • High IIP3: 26.8 dBm at 1950 MHz
  • 2 dB conversion gain
  • Low noise figure: 11.7 dB at 1950 MHz
  • 17 dB NF under 5 dBm blocking
  • 44 dB channel isolation
  • Low power: 3.3 V/600 mW total
  • Very small solution size
  • Enable pins for each mixer
  • Wide IF frequency range
  • LO input 50 Ω matched in all modes
  • -40°C to +105°C operation
  • 16-lead (4 mm x 4 mm) QFN package