L692x Voltage Regulators

By STMicroelectronics 229

L692x Voltage Regulators

STMicroelectronics' L6925/L6926/L6928 are high efficiency synchronous step-down regulators capable of delivering up to 800 mA from an output voltage adjustable from 0.6 V. Thanks to the very low quiescent current (25 μA, with output voltage in regulation and zero load) and to the burst-mode operation, the device is particularly suitable for battery-powered equipment where extremely long standby time or operation at minimum power are required, prolonging battery life. The maximum input voltage at 5.5 V makes these devices the ideal choice for single cell Li-Ion battery powered applications.

  • 2 V to 5.5 V input voltage range
  • 800 mA (max.) output current
  • Low dropout operation: up to 100% duty cycle
  • Enable and power good
  • 1 µA (max.) shutdown supply current
  • ± 1% output voltage accuracy
  • 1.4 MHz switching frequency, externally synchronizable from 1 MHz to 2 MHz
  • MiniSO8 or VFQFPN8 (3 mm x 3 mm x 1 mm)
  • Single cell Li-Ion battery powered applications
  • Portable instruments
  • PDAs and handheld terminals
  • Low power microcontroller and DSP supply
  • Any battery powered equipment where long standby time or operation at minimum power are required