FD Series Filters

By Curtis Industries 246

FD Series Filters

Curtis Industries' FD series is a general purpose line of filters for DC applications. The standard version is available in a compact size and can filter up to 300 MHz. The FD series is designed to comply with UL/EN 60950 safety requirements. These filters are available with and without circuit breakers for additional protection.

With amperage ratings available from 6 A to 100 A, multiple input / output configurations, and circuit breaker options for additional protection the FD series is a practical solution for your EMI/RFI suppression needs.

  • 6 A to 100 A
  • Small economical package
  • Optional circuit breaker
  • 3 GHz option available
  • Power supplies for communications
  • Network routing equipment
  • Switching equipment
  • Base stations
  • Modems
  • Services
  • Ethernet hubs