C4 Series Rotary Switches

By Electroswitch 315

C4 Series Rotary Switches

Electroswitch rotary switches offer an easy way to switch more circuit/contact combinations than any other switches. They offer the user definite tactile feedback for position location. Rotary switches are generally more robust than other types of switches or potentiometers.

The C4 series is ideal for applications that require a low profile compact switch, employing a modular construction to allow for more decks with a short depth behind the panel dimension. Electroswitch can produce a 48 pole switch with a compact 2.78" depth behind the panel using the C4 series. The versatile C4 series has many available options including BCD (binary coded decimal) outputs, water resistant sealing, push to turn, and dual concentric shaft designs. The C4 series rotary switches are used in many applications including test and measurement, pro and high end audio, military and aerospace, construction and agricultural equipment, medical and diagnostic equipment, transportation and off road vehicles, and military and commercial communication equipment.