DC Power Relays G9EA/G9EB/G9EC Series

By Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div 228

DC Power Relays G9EA/G9EB/G9EC Series

In the endeavors to prevent global warming, air pollution, and the depletion of oil resources, much attention is being given to increasing the efficiency of AC-to-DC power conversion and distributed power generation. DC contactors and circuit-breakers, however, are disadvantaged by their noise and bulk. Omron has improved on the standard DC circuit that switches using a contactor or circuit-breaker by developing the G9EA/G9EB/G9EC DC power relay series. These relays enable switching high-voltage and high-capacity loads. The switch's gas-filled construction allows a considerable reduction in the relay switch size, while also lowering the operating noise during load switching. Furthermore, the new design has decreased the power consumption of the coil and achieved long-term contact stability.

  • Sealed switching
  • Gas-cooled arc
  • Magnetic arc control


  • Automobiles
  • Special vehicles
  • Electric power and distributed power generation
  • General-purpose industrial equipment