MSP430F54xx Microcontrollers

By Texas Instruments 259

MSP430F54xx Microcontrollers

Texas Instruments' MSP430F54xx devices offer industry-leading active power (as low as 160 µA/MHz) and 1.5 µA standby current (with full RAM and status retention and a 32-bit RTC), all with 25 MHz of peak performance. Intelligent peripherals like the 12-bit ADC draw power only when in operation and an advanced power-management module and unified clock system allow the standby and active currents to be dynamically adjusted. This is the latest in an entire line of ultra-low power microcontrollers from Texas Instruments.

  • Low supply-voltage range
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Wake-up from standby mode in less than - Autoscan Feature 5 µs
  • 16-bit RISC architecture
  • Flexible power management system
  • Unified clock system
  • 16-bit timer0_A5 with five capture/compare registers
  • 16-bit timer1_A3 with three capture/compare registers
  • 16-bit timer_B7 with seven capture/compare shadow registers
  • Up to four universal serial communication interfaces
  • 12-Bit analog-to-digital (A/D) converter
  • Hardware multiplier supporting 32-bit operations
  • Serial onboard programming, no external programming voltage needed
  • Three channel internal DMA
  • Basic timer with real time clock feature